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Contacting the Team


If you'd like to contact us, there are several different avenues at your disposal. The perferred way is in our #SETI@home team chat channel via the mIRC chat program. (For more information on our chat channel, please visit our Chat Channel information page). The chat channel allows real-time interaction with mIRC SETI Team members...unless we are at work or otherwise disposed ;) Lurking (or chatters who are in the channel but away from the keyboard) is a norm in our chat channel, so depending on the time of your visit, there may not be other chatters available for chat. Hang around though; we always return!

You can also get in touch with members of the team by sending an e-mail to . If you become a member of our team you will be able to access the mIRC SETI Team forum directly from the S@H project forums.