About the Team

A Brief History


The history of the team starts with an international group of friends that met on Internet Relay Chat, who's interest in exploring the realm of possibilities was sparked by the release of the SETI@home Project. The founding members themselves, Khaled and Tjerk, created the mIRC program that is to this day used by the majority of chatters connecting to IRC Networks across the world. Being afforded an opportunity to take part in a project that had the prospect of detecting a possible signal from Extraterrestrials captivated them. So it was then and there that this group of IRC chatters banded together to form this team, incorporating the name of the program they used, that is mIRC, into the team name. mIRC was and still remains an integral part of our team, allowing members to gather and chat and meet new chatters showing interest in the work being done by the SETI@home Project.

Originally, the mIRC SETI Team planted their flag on the EFNet IRC Network and the team grew substantially through the early years. EFNet was a large IRC Network, and remains one of the oldest and largest, even after the rise of social media threatened to oust Internet Relay Chat in it's popularity. But social media did eventually wear on the ability of the chat channel to meet new people as IRC lost its luster to newer ways of communication. That and the lack of services on the EFNet network made it difficult to run a chat channel without constant team member supervision.

Team Changes


The SETI@home project has changed significantly since its inception in 1999. So too has the mIRC SETI Team. The #SETI@home chat channel on IRC has been moved to a new IRC Network, EsperNet IRC, that offers better management tools to operate the channel efficiently. Namely, the Chanserv and Nickserv Services offered by EsperNet, as well as for the stability of its servers. The goal here is to continue mIRC SETI Team's presence on IRC for team members to get together for chat and to allow a way for gaining new members.

If you're interested in visiting our chat channel there are a few simple steps you will need to take. We will get you a brief overview of the process here with the following list:

  • You will need to download a free copy of mIRC.
  • After the download and install of mIRC, your will be prompted to enter a Nickname, e-mail address, and a first name.
  • Click "OK" and a status window will appear. In the text box of the status window, type in the following: /server irc.esper.net
  • Once connected to EsperNet, type the following in the status window text box: /join #SETI@home
Welcome to the mIRC SETI Team chat channel!


Joining the mIRC SETI Team


If you're interested in joining our SETI@home team and have already installed the BOINC Software, AND you have already created a SETI@home user account, all you need to do is head on over to our SETI@home Team Page. From there, all you need to do is click on the "Join Team" link. At that point, you're officially part of our team! :)